My favorite takeaway from my summers in Scotland was that a life story was always more fun over a cup of tea or a pint! So, let's skip over you skimming my life story of growing up in Texas with a dream to be a star on Broadway and my past nine years in New York working as an actress, AD and producer in indie feature films, political theatre and most recently taking on the new challenge of a documentary.  

If I were to use one word to describe myself as an actress? Authentic. I shaved my head to play a cancer patient in Scotland, shadowed a doctor on night shifts to play a surgery intern, engrossed myself in behavioral study to play a paranoid schizophrenic and attended Supreme Court cases to play a Harvard attorney. 

And the same question as a producer? Communicative. I know and respect every job at hand and the key to any and every production is communication. 


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A pint and my story